Government Affairs and Legislative Solutions

As a leader in the life sciences area, our firm is privy to key insider legislative and regulatory information. This includes knowledge of proposed healthcare-related legislation in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; FDA and CMS regulatory initiatives; staff reaction and anticipated Member response to any legislative or regulatory proposals; expected legislative hearings and mark-ups; and, health-related media events and public policy forums, among other things. We apply this knowledge as we engage in the following activities on behalf of our clients:

Establishing & Bolstering a Washington Presence for Life Sciences Corporations & Organizations

We help our clients build lasting, trusting relationships with federal officials in Washington to ensure that policy makers have a clear understanding of their technology and/or service and its value. These relationships are critical to ensuring that our clients’ interests are taken into consideration as both legislative and regulatory polices are developed, which directly impact their products and services.

Shaping Legislation, Regulatory & Government Policy through Direct Lobbying & Coordination with Members of Congress, Administration Officials & Key Staff

Kimbell & Associates coordinates with our clients to create the most effective and representative messages regarding their products and services. We then work directly with Members of Congress, their staff, and agency officials to ensure that our clients’ interests are considered as these policymakers implement new federal rulings.

Monitoring, Analyzing & Reporting on Legislation & Regulation

Our firm is immediately cognizant of any legislative or regulatory developments and utilizing our own industry knowledge and intelligence, our firm will impact our clients’ businesses or service.

Drafting Letters, Testimony & Agency Comments

As part of our work to monitor and analyze legislative and regulatory activities, our firm provides clients with political strategy options to ensure an effective response plan and future action. In addition to information-sharing, our firm offers clients proactive legislative and regulatory strategy options, which may include drafting letters, testimony or agency comments. Wherever possible, efforts are made to arrange client testimony or to be part of a panel discussion.

Coordinating Congressional Member & Staff Educational Trips to Tour Client Facilities & Learn More About our Clients’ Products & Services

In order for Members of Congress and their staff advisors to understand the critical role that life sciences companies and healthcare providers play in the safe and efficient delivery of healthcare in the U.S., we routinely organize educational tours of our clients’ manufacturing and R&D facilities, as well as visits to hospitals or other clinical settings to witness procedures that utilize our clients’ technologies or demonstrate our provider clients’ services.

Provide Trade Association Management & Involvement

Our firm fully advises and manages our clients’ relationship(s) with the most relevant and appropriate trade associations in Washington, D.C. We work closely with the Board and key committees at associations and monitor all activity on the relevant committees that are important to our clients. Often, our principals serve as the client’s primary representative responsible for this activity.

Collaborate with patient groups, disease-specific organizations, and specialty societies

Few companies consider or properly collaborate with any of the major patient groups, disease organizations or specialty societies which have a Washington presence. Our firm has long established working relationships with many of these organizations and work with them to expand availability of our clients’ products to patient populations.

Secure Appointments on Key Agency Panels

We work to place employees of our clients or key persons with close relationships to our clients (i.e., physicians, clinical investigators) onto the relevant agency panels (including HHS, FDA, CMS, among others) as an industry representative. Although most panels require the industry rep to recuse him/herself from voting on issues directly related to the client, it is very helpful for these individuals to build relationships with the agency officials, scientific advisors, physician representatives and other stakeholders who serve on the same committee or panel.