Health Policy, Reimbursement, and Executive Branch Advocacy

At Kimbell and Associates, our health policy team provides strategic healthcare regulatory and policy support to clients in the life science industry. We provide ongoing daily monitoring and assessment of key government rulemakings and notices, as well as a robust monitoring of potential opportunities and/or threats to company products and businesses.   We also assist in submission of comments in response to federal rulemakings and guidance documents, as well as assist in the development of strategic objectives and tactical execution of health policy goals.

The policy team also provides robust coverage, coding and reimbursement support. We work closely with the federal government to improve reimbursement, while developing value propositions for products. Additionally, we work on regulatory coverage threats and engage on proposals that threaten reimbursement. Our team has significant experience in National Coverage Determinations and Local Coverage Determination advocacy.   We also assist clients with coding needs as they arrive during a product’s life-cycle as well as defend against coding changes.

We also engage in executive branch advocacy on behalf of our clients. This involves setting up and preparing for meetings with the Department of Health and Human Services, with a heavy focus on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We have significant experience in advocating for reimbursement objectives with CMS. We use the full spectrum of opportunities to advocate for regulatory and reimbursement objectives for our clients.